Download the E-learning course: Understanding Risk (World Bank) document. (External Resource)

E-learning course: Understanding Risk (World Bank)
This e-learning course will explain how risk characteristics are identified, how this information is used to assess overall risk, and how this information is used to address risk. The course is an important prerequisite to the more detailed and intensive workshop provided by the Global Practice. The course provides staff with foundational understanding and knowledge of the core concepts and ideas around Disaster Risk Management today. The interactive online format allows participants to explore: the models and mini case histories applicable to Disaster Risk Management including the functions of the Risk, Exposure, and Vulnerability model as explained through interactive exercises and mini-case studies. the different DRM products available today and how they are applied Topics: Urban Development Regions: Africa, East Asia and Pacific, Europe and Central Asia, Latin America & Caribbean, Middle East and North Africa, Other, South Asia GP/CCSA: Social, Urban, Rural & Resilience Keywords: Resilient construction, Quantifying risk, Hazard, Exposure, Disaster Risk Management, Assess risk, DRM, Mitigation, mitigate damage, vulnerability, Risk, Risk Reduction, Risk Management, Risk assessment, Reconstruction, Assessment Language: English Time Commitment: 01:00
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characteristics of society and cultures. Examples: settlements, anthropology, archaeology, education, traditional beliefs, manners and customs, demographic data, recreational areas and activities, social impact assessments, crime and justice, census information
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River Flood, Tsunami, Coastal Flood, Strong Wind, Volcanic Ash, Landslide, earthquake

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