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World Bank SWIO-RAFI Exposition Rapport
The technical report for exposure in the SWIO region describes the development of datasets that represent the built environment of island nations and provides nationally appropriate replacement values, construction characteristics, and occupancy classes. The exposure database does not include the value of building contents, appurtenant structures or out-buildings, vehicles (e.g., automobiles, aircraft, marine craft, etc.), agriculture, or business interruption. For all countries, the residential, commercial, and general industrial asset exposure databases are developed on a 30 arc-second (approximately 1km) grid. In countries where high-resolution government and infrastructure data is available, these assets are captured at their individual exposure locations. For countries where location level information is not available, government and infrastructure assets are also distributed to the 1km grid.
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Comoros , Madagascar , Mauritius , Seychelles , United Republic of Tanzania
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