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Understanding Risk in an Evolving World - Emerging Best Practices in Natural Di…
This report contains case studies spanning 40 countries that showcase emerging best practices, demonstrate how risk assessments are being used to inform DRM and broader development, and highlight lessons learned through these efforts. Taken as a group, these case studies evidence the need for continued investment in accurate and useful risk information and provide recommendations for the future. Experience has shown that a purely technical assessment of risk, however sophisticated and cutting-edge, is by itself unlikely to trigger actions that reduce risk. Successful risk assessments produce information that is targeted, authoritative, understandable, and usable. Thus, the first steps in a risk assessment include understanding why the assessment is needed and wanted, defining the information gaps that currently prevent DRM actions, and identifying the end-users of the information. These steps can be completed only if the process of generating and using risk information is integrated with institutional processes, and if there is communication and trust among all involved parties: scientists, engineers, decision makers, governmental authorities, and community representatives. A risk assessment designed along these lines will enable the development of information useful for risk mitigation.
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characteristics of society and cultures. Examples: settlements, anthropology, archaeology, education, traditional beliefs, manners and customs, demographic data, recreational areas and activities, social impact assessments, crime and justice, census information
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