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Towards Safer School Construction
All children deserve safe, accessible, and culturally appropriate learning facilities – regardless, of class, creed, gender, or ability. Students in dark, hot, and dreary classrooms deserve spaces that invite creativity and engagement. Communities also deserve a focal point where they can congregate with pride to support their future. With clear insight, the United Nations set a Millennium Development Goal for 2015 to bring children and youth what they deserve – universal primary education. Yet, access to any classroom is not enough. Though decades of classroom building has brought education to millions of students globally, many sit in classrooms at risk of collapsing or being rendered unusable when the ground shakes, flood waters rise, or high winds sweep across the land. Poor design and construction, stemming from limited resources, corruption, and unfamiliar building technologies, has made learning facilities unsafe and has led to a staggering loss of life.
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