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Regional Analysis of Disaster Loss Databases in Arab States
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The purpose of this Regional Analysis of Disaster Loss Databases in Arab States is to contribute to a better understanding of the impact of disasters in terms of losses in the region. The main objectives are: 1) to share new disaster loss and damage data assessed through UNISDR Regional Office for Arab States’ “Disaster loss database initiative”; 2) to draw a clear picture on the practices, methodologies and the processes used for assessing and managing disaster damage and loss data in Arab countries and; 3) to provide recommendations to improve existing practices. Beyond the assessment, interpretation and visualization of data on a regional level for the ten countries, additional statistics are provided in an effort to capture the region-wide impact of disasters beyond the ten countries with established national disaster loss databases. This report is the result of a consultancy commissioned by the UNISDR Regional Office for Arab States and funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Regional Cooperation Office for Lebanon and Jordan. It was carried out by Mr. Hicham Ezzine, Senior Consultant of GIS4DS: geographic information system for decision support.
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