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ACP-EU Building Safety and Resilience in the Pacific: Project Background Inform…
This project, titled: ACP-EU Building Safety & Resilience in the Pacific is the Pacific component of the 10th EDF Intra-ACP envelope for Disaster Risk Reduction. It corresponds directly to priorities identified under the 2009 EU Strategy for Supporting Disaster Risk Reduction in Developing Countries and its implementation plan. The high vulnerability of Pacific Island ACP States (PICs) to a number of environmental and natural hazards is well known. This vulnerability is further exacerbated by their small land areas as well as their narrow, often subsistence-based fragile economies, coupled with physical distance both within and between states. Current analysis suggests that PICs remain disaster prone and that the economic impacts of such natural events pose severe development constraints. The overall objective of the project is to reduce the vulnerability as well as the social, economic and environmental costs of disasters caused by natural hazards, thereby achieving regional and national sustainable development and poverty reduction goals in ACP Pacific Island States (PICs).
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man-made construction. Examples: buildings, museums, churches, factories, housing, monuments, shops, towers
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coastal_flood, strong_wind, drought, urban_flood, extreme_heat, wildfire, landslide, earthquake, tsunami, volcanic_ash

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