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Database of Volcanoes - Global Volansim Program
Volcanoes of the World is a database describing the physical characteristics of Holocene volcanoes and their eruptions. This search returns a list which may be filtered based on a volcano name, volcano type, features, evidence of recent activity, location (set using a map), country, rock types, population within various distance ranges, or the availability of images. Name and country searches will also return subfeature names and synonyms; using other filters will result in only primary volcano names being returned. A standard set of fields is shown on the screen display, but full results with additional content may be downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet.
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information pertaining to earth sciences. Examples: geophysical features and processes, geology, minerals, sciences dealing with the composition, structure and origin of the earth s rocks, risks of earthquakes, volcanic activity, landslides, gravity information, soils, permafrost, hydrogeology, erosion
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