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Training and Capacity Building Plan (Bangladesh Urban Earthquake Resilience Pro…
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This Training and Capacity Building Action Plan, along with the gaps analysis, is part of the Training and Capacity Building Program which is an output of the Bangladesh Urban Earthquake Resilience Project. This Action Plan is formulated to further support earthquake risk reduction in Bangladesh by building knowledge and skills among practitioners and professionals in the government and private sectors. The report summarizes the needs assessment and tutorials conducted in the duration of the Project, including: • Training needs assessment results and proposed training strategy • Delivery of two (2) (ie face-to-face and online) blended learninig and capacity building programs • Courses targetting disaster risk management professionals, planners, architects, engineers, regulators on concepts, methods and applications or urban disaster risk reduction with emphasis on earthquake risk and limiting the physical and social vulnerability of high-density settlements and include risk- sensitive land use planning The action plan is developed to address the gaps in capacity as identified in the gaps analysis. Specific initiatives are additionally recommended to be implemented by the Government of Bangladesh.
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