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Indonesia: Advancing a National Disaster Risk Financing Strategy – Options for …
This study presents options for a national disas- ter risk financing strategy in Indonesia, draw- ing heavily on international experience. The study discusses a series of complementary options for a national disaster risk financing strategy, based on a preliminary fiscal risk analysis and a review of the current budget management of natural disasters in Indonesia. It benefits from the international ex- perience of the World Bank, which has assisted sev- eral countries in the design and implementation of sovereign catastrophe risk financing strategies (for instance, in Mexico, Colombia, Vietnam, Philippines, and the Caribbean island states) and property catas- trophe risk insurance programs (for instance, in Tur- key, Romania and Eastern Europe). This experience is tailored to the institutional, social and economic characteristics of Indonesia. The Government of Indonesia (GoI) requested the World Bank’s technical assistance to im- prove its financial response capacity in the aftermath of natural disasters. The World Bank has assisted the Ministry of Finance in developing a national disaster risk financing strategy for the financial protection of the state against natural di- sasters. It has also assisted the National Agency for Disaster Management (BNPB) in improving timely post-disaster assistance funding mechanism. The World Bank has worked closely with Ministry of Finance (Fiscal Policy Office (BKF), Bureau of Insur- ance, Capital Market Financial Institution Supervi- sory Agency (Bapepam LK), DG Budget, DG State Assets), National Agency for Disaster Management (BNPB) and BAPPENAS.
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