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Response to Pakistan’s Floods: Evaluative Lessons and Opportunity
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This note assembles some of the evaluative experience that may be relevant to the Pakistan flood recovery program. Prepared quickly, it has a selective focus, and hence may well miss some important aspects. While the destructive impact of the calamity is widespread on the well-being of the population, the chosen areas of this note refer primarily to restoring rural livelihoods. They draw on what seem to represent the most relevant evaluative experiences from within and outside the World Bank. There are many differences between the current Pakistan flood and other floods and emergencies in Pakistan, elsewhere in South Asia, and globally – in their intensity, geographical coverage, and the effects on people and the economy. Yet there are insights that can be gleaned from other experiences. The evaluations of past flood prevention and rehabilitation in South Asia and elsewhere, adapted to the situation of Pakistan, could offer useful lessons for designing an effective response.
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