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Working Paper on DRR in Zanzibar
In 2012, the UNISDR started a project called “Building capacities for increased public investment in integrated climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction: 2012-2015” under the financial sponsorship of EC- Development and Cooperation (EC-DEVCO). The initiative supports approximately 30 countries in Asia, Pacific, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean to systematically account for disaster loss and to develop probabilistic estimations of future risk. It provides a baseline for an economic approach toward better public investment planning. In the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) region, this initiative has been separately planned and implemented in 2013-2015 in the cooperation with ISLANDS, in accordance with the project design developed by UNISDR and implemented through the “ISLANDS Financial Protection Programme against Climatic and Natural Disaster Risks”. This report summarizes all activities implemented for Zanzibar, loss and risk, DRR policies of the country, the current state of risk-sensitive public investment planning and a brief summary of three types of economic analysis implemented in the country. Tools are introduced to monitor DRM budgets to analyse the current state of public investment, measure the impact of disasters on public finance and on the economy at the macro scale, and measure the impact of DRR investment on society. Recommendations for policy makers are presented drawing from the analyses implemented.
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United Republic of Tanzania
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