Download the Disaster Risk Assessment in Baja Califonia, Mexico - A Comprehensive state situsation analysis document

Disaster Risk Assessment in Baja Califonia, Mexico - A Comprehensive state situ…
This report presents the implementation and results of the evaluation of the current situation of risk assessment in Baja California State, Mexico and the identi cation of the necessary actions to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the risks associated to natural events. The project performs a systematic inventory of the currently available risk information in the State and assesses its validity using the SIERA (Systematic Inventory and Evaluation for Risk Assessment) methodology developed by the Global Risk Identi cation Programme (GRIP) hosted by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Through this process, the project clearly identi es what is missing to complete the risk assessment of the State and prepares an action plan to implement it. The SIERA methodology allows for a comprehensive assessment of the current situation that includes not only the identi cation of existing information on disaster risk but also the technical and institutional capacities in addition to the legal, political and institutional frameworks within which these activities are performed. The involvement of authorities, institutions and representatives of different sectors of society in the process of identifying the information and capabilities, helps to validate the information obtained and also, creates awareness among these actors on the importance of understanding the risk of disasters in the State, to implement effective measures to reduce it to acceptable levels. The resulting plan is based on the comparison between the existing information and capabilities that have been identi ed and the comprehensive list provided by the SIERA methodology of all the information and capabilities needed to achieve a clear understanding of the State’s risks. It is expected that the findings and recommendations reported in this document provide the basis for the implementation of the State’s risk assessment that will provide a comprehensive understanding of disaster risk in Baja California, its causes and geographic distribution, its potential impact on the population and its development. This understanding, and the identi cation of effective mitigation options, will help to prepare an effective, evidence based Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Strategy for Baja California State.
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