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Central Asia Regional Risk Assessment: Responding to Water, Energy and Food ins…
The Central Asia Regional Risk Assessment:  Examines the risks facing Central Asia associated with the possible deepening and widening of the “compound crisis” phenomena that took hold in Tajikistan during the winter of 2008, in terms of threats to water, energy, and food security;  Considers some of the issues raised by the response to these insecurities in Tajikistan and the Kyrgyz Republic, by governments and the international community; and  Suggests some initial conclusions concerning possible improvements in how the United Nations system, and international community more broadly, manages the nexus of development and humanitarian programming, in light of crisis situations with the potential to transform chronic water, energy, and food insecurities into acute emergency situations. This report does not pretend to assess all the short- and longer-term risks to sustainable development prospects across the entirety of the Central Asian region. The focus is on water, energy, and food insecurities in the Tajikistan and the Kyrgyz Republic. The assessment touches on other issues and other Central Asian countries to the extent that some of the risks discussed here (e.g., those associated with water governance or remittance flows) have cross-border dimensions.
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