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Natural disaster risks in Central Asia: A synthesis
Central Asia is highly exposed and vulnerable to natural hazards. Both exposure and vulnerabilities have risen in the last few decades. In order to address risks posed by these two factors, governments and the international community have undertaken an increasing number of initiatives in the last decade. However, many of these efforts are based upon a limited understanding of disaster risks. The ensuing study attempts to synthesize the available data and studies of disaster risk in order to begin to fill this gap. It also highlights needs in risk assessment in the region. The study has several objectives. Foremost, it offers a baseline analysis for identifying disaster risk reduction (DRR) and climate risk management (CRM) interventions in the region. For this purpose, it complements a capacity assessment undertaken for the Central Asia Center for Disaster Response and Risk Reduction, which is presently being established in Almaty. Furthermore, it provides analysis to support to the 2011 meeting under Central Asia Regional Risk Assessment (CARRA), which sought to analyze the “compound crisis” that emerged in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan in 2008. The study begins with a description of the sources and methodology employed. The ensuing section offers analysis of exposure to geophysical and meteorological hazards. Then the study covers vulnerabilities related to disaster impacts. The concluding section presents findings and implications for DRR initiatives in the region, and well as recommendations for further research and endeavors to strengthen risk assessment.
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