Download the Earthquake scenarios for the city of Gyumri including Seismic hazard and risk assessment document

Earthquake scenarios for the city of Gyumri including Seismic hazard and risk a…
Developing countries are more vulnerable to adverse effects of natural hazards. Many incidents indicated that unplanned urban growth, localized concentration of population and infrastructure, negligence of construction standards, corruption in construction in general and in inspection of construction in particular, and lack of public awareness even at institutional levels, have all resulted in increased seismic vulnerability of these countries. The 1988 Spitak earthquake appeared to be a striking example confirming this situation, as the rate of destruction and losses caused by that event and its size were not commensurate. Despite the titanic efforts of Armenia and the international community, the city of Gyumri has not recovered from the earthquake even now, more than 20 years after the catastrophe. In the framework of this Study, different param- eters of seismic hazard such as peak ground acceleration and spectral acceleration have been investigated and mapped. Subsequently, these maps were used as the basic inputs to assess the expected life, building, and lifeline losses. Considering the new reality, it is neces- sary to develop new strategy of seismic risk reduction and prepare new master plan for the city of Gyumri. The results of the Project will serve the basis for national and local authori- ties when planning disaster response actions.
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