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Climate risk management for sustainable crop production in Uganda: Rakai and Ka…
Uganda is a development success story by regional standards, with increasing economic growth and declining poverty. Nevertheless, the country’s economic dependence on agriculture makes it very sensitive to climate variability and change. Uganda is experiencing more frequent and intense droughts than it has historically. Temperatures have risen 0.37° C per decade since 1960. While no clear long-term rainfall trend is visible, heavy rainfalls, oods and landslides are on the rise. Climate forecasts predict that temperatures will continue to increase, extreme weather events will become more frequent and intense, and rainfall patterns will change, although it is not clear how. In a context of growing uncertainty resulting from climate and non-climate factors, balancing the needs of a growing population with environmental concerns will be di cult. This study was conducted to assess climate risks in crop production in two di erent agroecological zones of Uganda and to identify climate risk management options.
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processes and phenomena of the atmosphere. Examples: cloud cover, weather, climate, atmospheric conditions, climate change, precipitation
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