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Global Earthquake Model - SSAHARA project
The Global Earthquake Model (GEM) is leading an initiative to develop open and transparent earthquake risk models for active seismic regions in Africa. Activities involved in the Sub Saharan Hazard and Risk Assessment (SSAHARA) comprises the three fundamental aspects of earthquake risk: the earthquake hazard, the physical risk and the socio-economic vulnerabilities of the countries. They are then integrated to assess the “Integrated Earthquake Risk” of the region, which would guide decision- and policy-making activities to reduce earthquake risk and promote sustainable development. Under a USAID-funded project, GEM has completed first phase of the project which delivered preliminary risk models for 8 countries in Africa, namely Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Mozambique, Burundi and Rwanda. With up to 23 participants from 11 different countries, models, methodologies and results were presented and discussed. Most participant for the first time could prepare their own input models and run risk analysis for their countries. Participants had the opportunity to discuss and update GEM’s mapping scheme used for exposure modelling
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